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Emulsions In South Africa

Our emulsions are designed to add various degrees of cloudiness and flavour to beverages. We offer citrus and neutral cloudifiers to the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industries. Flavoured emulsions may be with or without colour and our range of cloudy and coloured emulsions provide a cost-effective solution to all your beverage needs.

You will find that our emulsions form the foundation for efficient beverage manufacturing. We offer a consistent high quality with a perfect balance of ingredients, cloudiness, flavour and colour consistency.

Whatever the flavour or colour you wish to add to your beverages, you are sure to find it in the broad range of flavoured emulsions offered by Creative Flavors. We can develop your emulsion and tailor it around your beverage needs.

Our range offered below may be requested with or without colour.

Neutral Emulsion Citrus Emulsion
Apple Banana
Citrus Cocopine
Ginger Beer Granadilla
Guava Lemon
Lemon-Lime Lychee
Mango Mango-Orange
Mixed Fruit Naartjie
Orange(Various) Passion Fruit
Peach Peach-Apricot
Peach-Mango Pina Colada
Pineapple Strawberry
Tropical Tutti Frutti