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Flavouring For Dairy Products

We offer flavours to various sectors in the dairy industry in particular for Ice Cream and Soft Serve, Yoghurt, Drinking Yoghurt, Maas and Magheu as well as for Dairy Blends, Milk Shakes and Syrups.

Typical flavours are:

Almond Apple
Apple-cinnamon Apricot
Banana Berries
Blackcurrant Bubble gum Wicky Wax
Butter Butterscotch
Caramel Cherry
Chocolate Citrus
Coconut Cocopine
Coffee Cola
Cream Cream Soda
Condensed Milk Cappuccino
Custard English Toffee
Fruits of the Forest Fudge
Ginger Granadilla
Grape Grenadine
Hazelnut Honey
Honey-Melon Jasmine
Kahlua Kiwi
Lavender Lemon
Lemon-Lime Lime
Liquorice Lychee
Maple Mint
Melon Orange
Passion Fruit Peach
Peanut Butter Pear
Pecan Nut Peppermint
Pistachio Pineapple
Raspberry Rose
Spearmint Strawberry
Summer Fruit Tangerine
Toffee Tropical Fruit
Tutti Frutti Vanilla
Vanilla-Passion Vanilla-Pear
Vanilla-Strawberry Vanilla-Toffee