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Delicious Chocolate Flavouring

Chocolate is often referred to as the food of the gods, sexy food, mood food, sinfully good food and in difficult times, people are turning to chocolate for comfort. Chocolate is regarded as the most popular flavour in the world because it is a common ingredient in many food products such as ice cream, confectionary, cakes, pastries, candies, energy bars, chocolate snacks, beverages and cereals and other.

Chocolate flavours will never replace the real chocolate effect created by cocoa, sugar and fat. Our chocolate flavours will enhance your desired end result. Whether you wish to achieve cost saving or flavour enhancement, we have the flavour to assist you to achieve exactly that. Our flavours are suitable for cereals, yoghurts, rice cakes, pasta, ice creams, candies and cakes, pastries, icing sugar coatings, chocolate beverages, hot and cold, liqueurs and other. We can supply you with heat-stable chocolate flavours to withstand Ultra Heat Treatment in chocolate flavoured milk-drinks. We also supply oil-based chocolate flavours to enhance flavour absorption during mixing processes.

We offer a range of chocolate flavours and we invite you to experiment with flavours complementing your truffles, kisses, and candies. Following is a range of suggested flavours and combinations:

Traditional Trendy Combinations
Dark Chocolate Orange Chocolate truffles
Milk chocolate Chocolate Brandy (Without the alcohol content)
Nutty chocolate Chocolate Chilli Truffles
Hazelnut-chocolate Chocolate Fig
Coffee-Mocha Chocolate Almond
Chocolate-mint Chocolate Ginger
Chocolate paste White Chocolate and Coconut
  Create your own citrus, floral and earthy combinations