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Flavouring For Beverages

We offer a flavour range for all categories, with profiles that appeal to today’s sophisticated consumer.

Our range of beverage flavours can be divided into the following categories:

Alcoholic Beverages

Amaretto Amarula
Aniseed Apple
Apple Sour Apricot-Peach
Banana-liqueur Berries
Black Cherry Blackcurrant
Brandy Brandy-Cola
Butterscotch Caramel liqueur
Cherry liqueur Chocolate liqueur
Coffee liqueur Cranberry liqueur
Gin Grenadine
Guava Hazelnut
Honey liqueur Kahlua
Marula Muskadel
Peppermint liqueur Peach Schnapps
Port Raspberry Sour
Rum Strawberry liqueur
Tequila Tequila Rose
Toffee liqueur Whiskey

Cordials and Concentrates

We will assist you to develop your own range of cordials, squashes and concentrated syrups.

Popular Flavours
Cocopine Apple
Granadilla Apricot
Guava Berries
Lemon Bubble gum
Lychee Cherry
Mango Citrus
Naartjie Cocktail
Neutral Cocopine
Orange Cola
Peach-Mango Cranberry
Pineapple Cream soda
  Jungle Juice
  Passion Fruit
  Summer Fruit
  Tropical Fruit

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Our flavoured emulsion range is offered with or without colour, or we can formulate according to customer specification.

Emulsion Range Non Emulsions Popular Flavours
Cocopine Apple
Granadilla Bubble gum
Guava Cherry
Lemon Cola(Various)
Lemon-Lime Cream soda
Lychee Raspberry

Flavoured Tea and Herbal drinks

When an additional flavour has been applied to tea, it is referred to as flavoured tea. Any tea can be flavoured. The more popular varieties for flavouring are black and green tea. It is possible to create any flavoured tea imaginable. It can be served hot or cold.

Black Tea Flavours
Almond Apple
Apricot Banana
Blackberry Blackcurrant
Caramel Cardamom
Cherry Cinnamon
Coconut Cream
Ginger Grapefruit
Hazelnut Lemon
Lime Mango
Melon Orange
Spice Passion Fruit
Peach Pineapple
Pomegranate Raspberry
Strawberry Tangerine
Herbal Tea Flavours
Apple-Cinnamon Camomile
Jasmine Orange
Peppermint Pineapple
Rooibos Tea Flavours
Almond Berries
Caramel Mango

Flavoured Water

Flavoured water is basically water, flavour and sweetener. Unsweetened flavoured water contains only a hint of flavour. It can be slightly carbonated or still. Carbonation works best with a hint of peppermint, lemon or lime and it is very refreshing.

Sweetened flavoured water can be sweetened with sucralose, artificial sweeteners, sucrose or fructose or a combination of sweeteners. Most popular flavours for water are the fruity notes, and it is best when slightly carbonated.

Apple Apple-Blackcurrant
Berries Berry Blaze
Blackberry Blackcurrant
Cherry-Berry Citrus Peel
Fruits of the Forest Granadilla
Grape Grapefruit
Honey-melon Jasmine
Lemon Lemon-Lime
Lime Melon-Raspberry
Orange Peppermint
Pineapple Rose

Fruit Juices and Fruit Juice Concentrates

The fresh taste of fruit juices is produced by the presence of compounds, which have low boiling points and are therefore volatile. They evaporate into the air as soon as the skin of the fruit is broken. During the processing of concentrated juice the volatiles or aromas are recovered at an early stage in order to be returned to give balance to the concentrated juice.

Many esters, aldehydes and alcohols are common to a variety of fruits. For this reason it is possible to detect “blackcurrant”, “gooseberry”, “blackberry” notes in wine, which after all, has been made purely from grapes. In the case of citrus juices much of the aromatic compounds are stored in oily glands. Since it has an aroma or essence this type of oil is known as an essential oil with perhaps the most important component for orange juice being the terpineols.

The loss of aroma during the concentration process can be re-introduced by adding flavour. It is not always possible to use natural flavours due to the cost factor and the strength, it is then necessary to employ a compounded or “synthetic” flavour in a suitable volatile solvent. The development of these flavours consists of mixtures of a considerable number of components.

Allow our team to assist you with flavour addition to your formulated fruit juices and fruit juice concentrates. We have sound knowledge and experience to assist you with all you fruit juice and fruit juice manufacturing processes.

Flavours can be added as part of an emulsion or in concentrated form.

Apple Apricot
Banana Blueberry
Blackberry Blackcurrant
Cherry Cranberry
Grape Grapefruit
Guava Kiwi
Lemon Lime
Lychee Mandarin
Mango Melon
Orange Passion Fruit
Peach Pear
Pineapple Pomegranate
Raspberry Strawberry

Hot/Cold chocolate drinks

Hot chocolate is good, but you can serve up iced chocolate drinks too. “Hot” iced chocolate variations such as a cold chocolate punch, (creamy chocolate with a dash of soda), iced mocha, or the traditional chocolate milkshake are very popular in summer.

Hot chocolate drinks can be simple with just cream and milk or for a really special hot beverage, try it with hot chilli. A typical Mexican hot chocolate drink will have a bit of coffee and cinnamon. White chocolate topped with a minty note makes a fresh hot chocolate drink, ideal for winter.

Create your own combinations of flavours

Almond Amaretto
Amarula Aniseed
Banana Banana-Toffee
Butterscotch Caramel
Chocolate (Various) Cinnamon
Cocoa Coconut
Coffee Coffee-Mocha
Coffee-Vanilla Condensed milk
Cappuccino English Toffee
Fudge Hazelnut
Honey Kahlua
Liquorice Mint
Strawberry Toffee
Vanilla (Various)  

Sports and Energy Drinks

A sports drink contains carbohydrates and other supplements to help replenish fluids and nutrients used during exercise and sporting events. Sports drinks are available in a variety of flavours.

Energy drinks on the other hand are designed to increase a user’s mental alertness and physical performance. The high content of caffeine, combined with common ingredients such as guarana, taurine, vitamins, creatine and a high level of various sugars, interacts to provide a potent stimulant effect. Call us to assist you with the development of your private label sports drink or energy drink.

Apple Apple-Berry
Apple-Blackcurrant Berries
Berry Blaze Black Cherry
Blackberry Blackcurrant
Cherry Cocktail
Cocopine Cranberry
Fruits of the Forest Grape
Grapefruit Jungle Juice
Kiwi Lemon
Lemon-Lime Lime
Lychee Mango
Mint Red B
Red E Tropical