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Baking Flavours

The Creative Flavors Team developed a range of biscuit and bakery flavours, ranging from the traditional vanilla, sweet, chocolate and fruity to crisp, roasted cereal and biscuit notes. Our bake-stable flavours were designed to perform and excel in your baking applications. As a flavour supplier we would like to assist you to rebalance your formula to maintain dough flow ability in order to achieve the desired flavour profile.

Flavouring trends in the bakery industry will be more and more of a twisted, spicy combination such as cocoa-chilli, sweet basil and chilli-tomato, sweet-chilli&cheese and many more. The nature identical flavours that we offer might have a different profile than the natural flavour, but are more heat stable and less expensive.

Our tried and tested flavours recommended for the bakery industry are as follows:

Almond Amaretto
Aniseed Apple
Apple-cinnamon Banana
Berries Blackcurrant
Blueberry Muffin Brandy
Butter Butter Vanilla Paste
Butterscotch Capsicum
Caramel Cardamom
Cheese Chilli
Chocolate Cinnamon
Cinnamon-Clove Citrus Peel
Cocoa Chocolate Paste
Coconut Plain Coconut Toasted
Coffee Condensed Milk
Cranberry Cappuccino
Custard Danish Butter
Fig Jam Fruits of the Forest
Fudge Ginger
Hazelnut Hazelnut paste
Honey Jasmine
Lemon Lemon-Lime
Maple Mint
Mushroom truffle Noce Paste
Olive Oil Orange
Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Paste
Pistachio Rose
Short Bread Strawberry
Sweetcorn Tiramisu Paste
Toffee Vanilla
Winter Ginger Spice Yoghurt